Is there a real HELL?

The lost world does not want to believe in hell; only in heaven because it gives them some kind of comfort so they can live in their wicked sins and evil doings. They believe that God is a loving God and would never send anyone to Hell. They are mistaking big time in their conception of God. God does send people to Hell because they deny the great provision that He made for them in giving up His only Son to die on the cross to save mankind. Lost people insult God by saying that the death of Christ on the cross is insignificant to eternal life.
God’s nature is one of love and wrath. He is a just God and sin will be paid for. The greatest sin that a person can have is to deny the saving work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Hell is a real place and nothing can change that. The Bible describes hell as a place of torment with great flames of fire burning your soul continually without consuming your soul in the flames. This goes on forever! Repent and believe the good news that Christ died for your sins and be saved from the torments of hell.
Some people say that they do not believe in Hell and that is sufficient for them. Like not believing that Hell exists will make it go away. God created Hell for the devil and his angels and for all who reject Christ will join satan also in the burning flames. If you say that you do not believe in Hell and that makes it non-existent then show me your power and faith. You can start with a simple demonstration. Go downtown a pick out a large building and just believe that it does not exist and make it just disappear before everyone’s eyes. Hell is a very large place almost as big as the earth, so if you can make a building vanish before everyone watching then maybe there could be a chance you could make Hell vanish; NOT!
Be realistic God created you and everything in the universe including Hell and no one can go against God. Do you think that you are bigger then God? Some say that they will take their chances. God is absolute in His thinking and actions and no one will go to Heaven unless they receive Christ as their Savior from Hell. Why does the world want to live by luck instead of the absolute truth of what God says in the Bible?
Wake up and realize what luck really is. There are two sides to luck, being lucky and unlucky. You cannot have luck without being unlucky also. All who have experienced luck have experienced unluck also. God does not operate that way. He functions on the level of absolutely will happen. If you do things God’s way you will be given a guarantee towards eternal life in Heaven. Everyone reaps what they sow. What the Bible is saying is that you determine your own destination. God has made the way for eternal life and all everyone has to do is to receive God’s way of salvation.
You can make your own destination plans by choosing heaven or hell. At the time of your conception you were a sinner simply by coming into a sinful world. You have no choice about being a sinner destined to Hell but you have a choice in receiving Christ or rejecting Him. The choice is yours. You can make a decision right NOW! Pray like this: Lord Jesus Christ forgive me of all of my sins and receive me into your family. I believe that you died on the cross for me and were buried and were resurrected from the dead to give me eternal life in Heaven. Thank-you Lord Jesus for coming into my heart and saving me from Hell.
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Bill Naugle

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