Is the Bible Obsolete?

What does the Bible mean to most Christians? Most Christians have a Bible and even many non-Christians have a Bible in their home. How often does a Christian read or study the Bible? I wonder if Christians truly believe that God wrote the Bible. Do Christians take the Bible serious living by all that it says? If the Bible was truly written by God then you would think that All Christians would want to live by a standard that came from a perfect being. I would expect non-Christians to live by their own code of life but you would think that Christians would live by the words of their God that save them from hell to give them eternal life in heaven.
Is the Bible a book that Christians hold dear to themselves hanging on every word or a book that provides suggestions for particular problems one may be having? Is the Bible a book that holds ALL of the answers to life? Do Christians have the right to call themselves Christians and live contrary to the Bible? Some may consider the book as a guide to life picking and choosing what they want to live by. Wouldn’t that make them a god to themselves?
What if the Bible is the very Word of God and God requires All who are in His family to live by every principle and even by every word written. Do we really love God or are we do we just want to be other then the world? Maybe we just don’t like the way the world does things or how the world looks and we just want to be in another category? Maybe many people who call themselves Christians are just masquerading as a Christian because they do not want to be completely like the world. The world is becoming way too evil and people who want to be good for the most part are looking for a new life that they can call good because they do not commit the major crimes of life.
Many so-called Christians will not make a total commitment to Christ and His Word because the way is very extreme from the life in the world system. Most so-called Christians would not endorse murder, rape or stealing. How committed are all Christians? Daniel and David had a devotion to eat food that God created for them to eat and they would not eat the food of the world. Today you cannot tell a Christian apart from the world by the food they eat. Christians eat junk food in large quantities at home and in public and have no devotion to Christ and His Word when it comes to the care of their body. Daniel had great physical appearance because he ate food endorse by God. Are we as Christians to take the wisdom of the Bible when it comes to the right foods as a suggestion or the commands of God Himself? Does being overweight display a good testimony for Christ or does it show gluttony and indulgence? Is self-control a fruit of the Holy Spirit?
On the outward level it is hard to tell a true Christian from a person who is lost and in the world. Look at the way women dress today. They expose themselves in public by showing their stomachs and chests for all to see. Many of these people call themselves Christians. Does the Bible have anything to say about the way Christian women are to dress? Is God interested in the culture of the day considering what is in style? Are not these styles a part of the world system and the Christian should take there standard from the Bible? The Bible uses the word modest apparel describing women’s clothes, which means something that covers the entire body. If the things written in the Bible are not that important to Christians maybe they should just start their own book and live by that. Maybe they should just quit calling themselves Christians and say that they are a new people somewhere between a Christian and the worldly person.
What about the way so-called Christians talk. I hear many people who call themselves Christians constantly complain, gossip, tell lies to make themselves look good, use disrespectable talk and be rude in everyday living. Many so-called Christians even swear taking the Lord’s name in vain and slander each other in regular conversation. Does anyone consider what the Bible says on how our speech should be? Do Christians honestly love each other and consider the other person as more important then themselves. How tight does a Christian hold on to their own money or would they really sacrifice some of their finances to help out another Christian who is struggling? How many so-called Christians do we have in church?
If the Bible is not actually important to you then maybe it would be a good idea to just get rid of it and be who you really are. At least if your honest before God maybe you’ll have a chance to be saved instead of just pretending that you are a Christian. I think God wants a real family who truly loves Him and obeys what He says. If you really have an appreciation for God and all He has done for you then you would automatically return your love towards God and not think of yourself but think about what God wants. The Bible is the standard for a true Christian and the ones who are really saved by the blood of Christ have an uncompressing devotion to live by every word written in this holy book and the rest of mankind are lost or are just masquerading as Christians. Maybe we need a campaign to get the so-called Christians saved starting with many of the Pastors in our churches. Put the Bible on the shelf of your heart!
Bill Naugle has been ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching the Bible for more than 35 years. Truth is what the Bible is all about and careful study will reveal all you need to know about life. Bringing the truth of the Bible to people is the main goal of his Christian ministry. He also has an online information technology and SEO business.

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