Bible Truth on Interaction with God (Hear His Voice).

Bible TruthBible salvation truth will provide the necessary information as you study on hearing God's voice. All Christians have the ability to hear God's voice and to have a close relationship with Him but some are missing out because they haven't learn how to know truth and listen to Jesus Christ the One Who heals with their spirits. Are you aware that to know The Father in an intimate relationship is eternal life (Study Bible Truth: John 17:3)? Eternal life is not getting a ticket to heaven because eternal life begins at the moment of salvation. A good scripture bible commentary is essential to know Bible salvation truth. The door (Study: Rev. 3:20) is opened when Christ comes into your heart for you to have fellowship and to commune with The Almighty. Trying to hear and know God in the natural with our physical bodies will not cut it, because God is Spirit. Bible Truth is the only way to communicate with The Father is using your spirit to connect to His Spirit in heavenly fellowship.

I found no greater pleasure here on earth then I do when I hear Christ talk to me. I used to ask Him all the time to help me and give me things. I'm talking about things that are necessary like money to pay your bills and to have good health. Now I do not seek God's hand but I seek His face (Study Bible Truth: 1Ch 16:11) because to just be in His presence is more joyful then anything that I can have or do. Study bible truth to know that Christ wants fellowship more than you want Him. The truth is that He takes great pleasure in knowing His children.

We are told when we use bible study that no man seeks after God and then in another scripture passage we are told to seek God's face. The Bible truth is that no one can seek after The Father unless He first calls unto him giving him a desire to seek after Him. When we have a desire to really seek God's presence it is because the Holy Spirit Himself puts that desire within us and we should thank Him very much for giving us a blessed gift like this so we may know Him better according to Bible Truth.

Bible truth: you cannot communicate with Christ in the natural because God is Spirit. You cannot hear from The Almighty or see Him with your human natural eyes or ears. Listening to The Father is apart from the natural body, which we use to communicate with other people like our family and friends. The only way we will be able to communicate to Him is by using our spirits to talk, listen, walk and see The Almighty. I hope to help you learn to use your spirit to communicate with God and know truth.

Bible: knowing God is essential for Christians. A relationship with Him with close interaction is what life is all about. Hearing God's voice according to Bible Truth and knowing His presence daily can take your Christian experience to the highest level. The Bible reveals to us the way for us to hear God's voice and to know Him better. Through prayer, study, truth and intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ all Christians can know God better when they know how to listen to Him with their spirits. The art of hearing God does not have to escape the believer. The Father Who heals is always near so open your spiritual eyes. Find out more about hearing God's voice for yourself using Bible study based on truth. Bill Naugle Th. M.
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